Cone Beam CT (CBCT) is a high-cost product, so buying CBCT is always a matter that needs to be carefully considered by the Doctor / Dentist about many factors. To help Doctors have another perspective besides the professional & treatment perspective; Today’s story that Viet Quang would like to share in detail about the true values ​​of a CBCT machine for a Dental Clinic.

We very much hope that this article can be an interesting story to help doctors see clearly and choose a product that is really suitable and meets the needs of Dentistry.

The CBCT machine is characterized by its high cost and absolute safety when using it. So what is the value of owning a CBCT machine?!

Tangible value – The actual function of the product according to the needs of the customer or the features of the CBCT machine in accordance with the diagnostic needs of the Doctor/Dentist:
Correct image & capture area is sufficient to assist the Physician in his diagnostic requirements accurately.
The 2D, 3D, and Ceph shooting modes are fully integrated according to the treatment needs.
The dose of radiation when emitting rays needs to meet radiation safety standards for patients, especially children who are patients.
File sharing in the dental computer system makes it easy for users to access, diagnose and plan treatment.
The included software integrates a diverse library and handles and plans transplants with ease.

Intangible value – Increase product value through customer experience or Doctor/Dental satisfaction about the quality of consulting, sales, installation, warranty, technical support, customer care services before-during-and after-sales:
Dedicated consultant, support staff & good incentive program, beneficial for Dental
Lead prevention consulting support, thoughtful paperwork
Quick installation & user guide, easy to understand, easy to use
Technical support in the committed time when there is a problem, support as much as possible in the shortest time.

Additional value – Product value beyond customer’s expectation or patient’s peace of mind and trust about CBCT’s brand, features, and results during diagnosis & treatment with Doctors at the Dental Clinic. Department:

Because in the end, the person directly taking pictures at the CBCT is still the patient. This is the object that Dentistry and the company selling CBCT need the most attention, so most of the additional values ​​will revolve around helping the Doctor / Dentist build patient trust when choosing – examining – treating. through the communication, posters placed at Nha Khoa, Instructions for taking pictures/safety information for customers, certification of radiation safety according to European standards, lead jackets..v.v..

Communicating the CBCT machine brand from a long-standing and reputable country / corporation: helping patients find information easily and feel more secure when taking pictures. Priority should be given to CBCT from Europe because the safety standards for users in Europe are always famously strict and must be extremely high to be produced and sold to the market; but still ensure image quality enough for the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis
Helping to market brand image for Dental: The dental investment in CBCT helps to save time for patients’ examination & treatment. Patients will feel the serious investment and professionalism of Dentistry, so they will also have their initial confidence and consider their options when there is a need for dental examination and treatment.

At Viet Quang, we are and are working hard towards the goal of bringing all three of the above values ​​in the best way to our Doctors/Dentists when choosing CBCT.

????? – Perfect in every detail!



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